Hi there!

I am Nanda, a Dutch designer by origin and moved to Sweden 9 years ago to become a fashion designer. In Stockholm, I worked for 7 years as a fashion designer in several positions up until 2019 when I decided it was time for something new and took a leave of absence.

In my year off work, I went back to studying and upscaled myself as a design lead at a school called Hyper Island.

Right now I am working as a service design lead in the H&M group at a function called H&M Design Studio where I am co-leading a project around the subject of inclusive design, experience, and inclusive customer offer.

My passion lies within the area of inclusion and diversity and I love to explore how I can make humans understand humans with the power of strategic design and visual storytelling.

Wanna know more?

Please feel free to check out my LinkedIn or just reach out for a digital "Fika",

as we say in Sweden.