Everyone has a red tongue 

Inclusive illustrations & poems for children

In the beginning of June 2020 I started with 'Everyone has a red tongue'. Where i focus on inclusive illustrations and poems for children.

I have always had a dream of changing people's mindset to be more open, inclussive and accepting. And I was not sure how to do that?

Untill most of my friends started to get childred in the beginning of 2020 and i realised that they were

creating new life and with that setting the tone for a new generation.

It than came to my mind that the way I could make a small contribution in changing the world  and society for the better,

is to show children what the world really looks when everyone is included.

I do this project purley from the heart with the hope that this reaches children.

And that they, through my illustrations and poems, understand that being different is actually being very normal.

Everyone can be a mermaid
Not all heroes wear capes
Different shades of the human race