Digital transformation

A presentation I held for H&M product development teams.

Client: H&M

Brief: How can you work the best way with the Microsoft tools in combination with MS teams.

Date: June 2020

Duration: 2 presentations 1 hour each

My role: Presenter 

Learning: I did this presentation to practice my own new gained skills that i learned during my time at Hyper Island.


This presentation was done on my own initiative just after i finnished Hyper Island. I did this to show  the department where I was working how to work agile and how to save time when you embrace new tools and understand the value of them.

I did this presentation to practice my own new gained skills that i learned during my time at Hyper Island.


- Presentation about Microsoft tools 

How Microst teams works

How Planner works and what you can do with it

How One note works and what you can do with it

- Online presentation through Microsoft Teams

- 20 to 30 people attended

There for I presented this information with a bit of humor in it.

I believe that humor and fun is one of the best tools out there to spark peoples interest and inspires people to make a change.

There for I called the presentation 'Meet the new friends of H&M'.

I made all the logo's come to life.


I believe when doing a presentation people need have fun, understand the content and feel inspired to take action afterwords.


Here I will show some of the slides and give some information why I added them.

Please note that this is not the full presentation.


My exprience is that a lot of people have a fear for new technology. There for I presented the new tools as H&M's new friends to soften the message. To add a layer of fun I illustrated the H&M logo as a fashion couple.


The next slide on my presentation was a check in question about the what level of knowledge my audience has about the subject.

This sets the expectation level for me and gives me a chance to serve my audience even better.

To keep the story coherent and engagoing I made illustrated H&M smileys.


After the checkingin I continued with introducing the tools that I was going to talk about. Team's, Planner and Onenote.

I made the tools come to life by illustration them as characters.


For the following slides I talked about each tool and what they were, why you should be friends with them and how they could make your life easier.








After each information block I planned in question slides so that my audience had a space to ask everything they wanted.

I did these slides in the same style and expression as the rest of the presentation to keep the story together. 


After sharing the content that I had I checked out with a check out question that was the same as the check in question at the beginning of the presentation. This so I could understand if my audience had learned something.

I did this for my own learnings to see what I could change to serve my audience even better next time.

Thanks Nanda! Great presentation

Really nice presentation! great done!

Beautiful presentation! Thanks so much Nanda!

Love the presentation!  

Hi Nanda! Thanks for a very inspiring presentation!


The feedback that we received from the teams.

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Nanda van den Hoek

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