How can we make Fixi a part of children’s everyday life?

Viaplay X



A 3-day sprint where we were asked to solve a brief for Viaplay during my time at Hyper island.

Client: Viaplay

Brief: How might we scale the Fixie concept?

Date: 12-15 november - 2019

Duration: 3 full days

My role: Service / Graphic designer 

Learning: Workshops to create team alignment.

What is Fixi?

Fixi, a lively squirrel with a robot arm that encourages viewers from ages 5 to 8 to take an interest in both technology and physical exercise. She is the lead character to appear as a virtual guide in the Viaplay kids' section.


Our idea was to make Fixi a virtual guide and companion 
who understands and adapts to children’s needs by using technology.

She can live on various devices such as smart tv, tablets, smartphones, and computers. She can even step outside of the screen.

Fixi can change the content and media based on the input from the child. She can tell the mood of the child and the environment around her. She does that with the use of; Touch screen, remote control, keyboard/touchpad/mouse
, Speech recognition, 
face recognition
, eye tracking, 
time and date
, weather.

We also did research which led us to some insights.



I started off the project with an ideation workshop to get us all aligned to think in the same direction.

In this workshop, we defined in what type of direction we wanted to head.

  • 85% of the children are curious about Fixi, so Fixi has a huge potential.
    However, parents are not fully convinced yet…

This is where the opportunity was for us.

  • 36% of the parents think that children are too sedentary when watching. 
So there is a need to be active.

  • 12% of parents think that Fixi is very educational. 
So there is a need to learn.

  • 40% of children like to watch and take it easy
. So there is a need to relax.




There is a family going on holiday and they have decided to drive to their destination. The child of the family is watching Fixi on the TV at home and Fixi picks up the word ‘car’. From that, she suggests moving from the TV towards the smartphone or in this case to the smart tablet.


When in the car the child is sitting with its tablet

and Fixi suggest playing a game with

the entire family.

A game that is outside of the screen

however, Fixi will facilitate this activity.


At the end of the game, Fixi will suggest watching one of her episodes.

In one of these episodes, Fixi will tell

something educational.


Then Fixi notices that the child gets

tired through eye-tracking.

Suggest the child put some

headphones on and reads the

child a bedtime story.


Infographic and final presentation.

Me and my group presented our idea to the Viaplay team.

And we delivered an infographic that explained our idea a bit clearly.

I was responsible for the infographic.




The feedback that we received from Viaplay.

''The really beautiful and detailed visual which we appreciated. We liked the different aspects of Fixi that can match the child's differing moods. There were lots of outlines for possibilities but we would have liked to have seen some of them explored further." 

Any questions or thoughts about this project?

Please send me a mail, I would love to have a chat with you.