Needs analysis


Augur is a strategy and innovation agency in Stockholm that helps businesses grow by understanding and working with human experiences. They build brands, design customer experiences and develop new products and services. As part of my Hyper Island education I interned 3 months at Augur in the role of service designer.

Client: Augur

Brief: Provide a needs analysis for Augur as a company 

My role: Service designer 

Tools: Research | Analysis | Figma | User journey | Visualisation and storytell

Outcome: Insights and opportunity areas for change

Date: March/June 2020

Duration: 3 months


1. Interviews

In total, I interviewed 14 employees. With a focus on understanding work processes.

2. Analysis

I analyzed the data into clusters and themes.

3. Insights

I found insights and mapped out data into a journey with gain and pain points.

4. End deliverable

The end deliverable was a presentation made in Figma. Here I talked about my process my insights and opportunities to take action on.

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