UX Project

NIBE / My uplink

NIBE is a global group that develops and manufactures intelligent, energy-efficient indoor comfort solutions for all types of properties. MyUplinkisthe newly developed app which is the key to your smart home and the connected future with the focus on heath pumps.

Client: NIBE MyUplink

Brief: Provide a user study on the myUplink app which is connected to a heath pump

My role: UX researcher | UX / UI Designer

Tools: Photoshop | Illustrator | Adobe XD | User journey

Outcome: A study that contains user preferences in order to improve the user's journey and increase the number of users.

Date: October 2019

Duration: 5 weeks

Kick off

We started off the project by setting up the baselines of the project, e.g goals, desired outcomes, roles, and ways of working.


I took the role of UX researcher, took care of competitor analysis, understanding different user flows.

At the same time, the team conducted customer research on-site. In order to understand what pain and gain customers experience while managing their heat pumps at home.


After research we analysed the gained data as a team to find insights and opportunities for change.


From the opportunities and insights, we developed quick prototypes which we tested with customers.


Our end deliverable was an rapport that contained insights, an updated user flow and an early protoype as possible new way forward to improve the customer journey. 

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