Building a studio |  H&M group strategy

H&M Design Studio

Since November 2019 I have been, as the first designer hired, part of building the H&M Design Studio. An in-house innovation studio at H&M group strategy that is leading cross-functional projects aiming for radical change and a more human-centric approach to solving problems.

Client: H&M group strategy office

Brief: Part of building an in-house agency

My role: Inclusive service design lead

Tools: Team/project leading | Process design | Stakeholder management | Service design | Research | Strategy | Design thinking methodologies

Outcome: Studio with 20+ people 

Date: November 2019

Duration: -

Creating frameworks and processes

As a hybrid designer in the studio, I have been taking care of the design of various processes. Such as onboarding processes, OKR setting workshops/processes, and other strategy processes. I have also developed a learning compass tool for each studio member to track and map their learning journey of the course of time.

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