3 day Design sprint

Viaplay X Hyperisland

Fixi, a lively squirrel with a robot arm that encourages viewers from ages 5 to 8 to take an interest in both technology and physical exercise. She is the lead character to appear as a virtual guide in the Viaplay kids' section.

Client: Viaplay in collaboration with Hyper Island

Brief: How might we scale the Fixie concept?

My role: Service designer | Graphic designer 

Tools: Photoshop | Illustrator | User journey | Research

Outcome: A new user journey that 

Date: November 2019

Duration: Sprint week

Kick off & Research


How might we make Fixi a part of childrens every day life?

After debriefing we started with research that led us to some insights.


  • 85% of the children are curious about Fixi, so Fixi has huge potential.
    However, parents are not fully convinced yet…

This is where the opportunity was for us.

  • 36% of the parents think that children are too sedentary when watching. 
So there is a need to be active.

  • 12% of parents think that Fixi is very educational. 
So there is a need to learn.

  • 40% of children like to watch and take it easy
. So there is a need to relax.


Everyone loves Fixi, so why not make Fixi part of the whole family?

As we saw that Fixi is not only liked by children but as well by parents we saw an opportunity to develop multiple "modes" of the Fixi caracter. Fixi can live on different types of media through different divices and can be activated on different needs.

Bedtime story? Activate storytell Fixi on Google home. Help with homework? Activate Fixi the teacher. Play time between parents and child? Activate Fixi facilitator on the phone during a car ride to play a game or 2.

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